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In addition to freediving and deeper connexion with the water, the sound journey is a moment of deep relaxation on physical, emotionnal and energetical levels.

The instruments (tibetan bowls, chamanic drum, koshis and tuning forks) as well as my voice, guide you and generate a state of inner peace and balance where joy can emerge.

SESSION 1H15 : 70€

+33 6 80 43 99 79

According to the latest findings of quantic physics, molecules of water have the property to store information in the shape of frequencies. Given the quality of the freauencies, the molecular structure of water is more or less balanced.

Our body is mainly made of water (70% in terms of volume and 99% in number of molecules). and we therefore have the ability to tune the freauencies of our water in our cells and to reach higher levels of health and harmony. 

Vibratory instruments as chamanic drums, koshis, tuning forks and tibetan bowls, in combination with a deep meditative state, induced by breathwork have a direct effect on the water on our body. Our instruments have travelled in Greece (Amorgos, Corfu Michael's line, Delphi, Sounio) and Egypt (Sinaï)

The sound journey we are performing are somehow one to one soul concert. They can help you to release old mind patterns, blockage and heavy energies as well as traumas that cause physical or psychic pain in your body. They will also and above all help you to tune with higher frequencies which will support you, in your unique process of personal growth, towards freedom, love and joy.

The island of Amorgos is a highly energetic place. Performing sound journey on this island is a chance and an honour. Sessions of sound journey can accompany the transformations that you experience visiting the island. We offer you the opportunity to receive the sessions at home or in nature, in specific locations.

Looking forward meeting you

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