By Karin Oscarson
Yoga is the practice of becoming who we are. To dive deep inside ourself with the breath as our guide. Moving from inside out in postures that become an extension of our true self. It's a journey of exploration through our body-mind-soul structure.
To support that journey I like to find good alignment for the body so it can settle and relax, even within effort and while expanding our comfort zone. In a well aligned body the energy flows and we can easier find alignment with spirit.
We will mostly practice in the IRIS yoga&massage studio but sometimes also outdoors. The yoga sessions in this retreat will be suitable for all levels
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In the eighties I put my Swedish vagabond feet on Amorgos for the first time. I felt immediately something special about the place so I decided to move here. Eventually I opened IRIS yoga&massage studio where I work as a massage therapist and a yoga- and meditation teacher. It's my great joy to share yoga, meditation (the inner dive!) and my love for nature. This year I made my first freedive with Michael and am now so much looking forward to cocreate this retreat with him.

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