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Creative Big Blue Experience 

17th to 21th of june  // 30th of september to 4th of october // dates according to your needs and availabilty

more information +33680439979


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we can also offer you the possibility to organize your tailor made full trip (accomodation and meals). Prices on request

the price includes



- all the training and creative sessions

- freediving equiment & diving insurance

- transportation by car to the diving sites

- 5 meals in selected local taverns


the price DOES NOT includE

- transportation by flight and boat to Amorgos

- travel insurance

- Accomodation

- Food except the 5 meals

17th to 21th of june

30th september to 4th of october 2023

Duration  5 days + travel time


This Big Blue experience combines Freediving and  collective (he)Art creation on the magical island of Amorgos. Both activities will nourrish each other and merge for a deep and joyful creative adventure



It is open and designed for beginners or intermediate freedivers  who desire to experience a deep encounter with freediving's joy. It will give you time and space to progress at your own pace, breaking through your fear, improving your technics and growing your knowledge of the depth. You will acquire confidence, fluidity and grace in the water. 

We will approach various disciplines of open water diving, CWT (Constant Weight), FIM (Free Immersion), and No Fin.

In every session, we will also introduce elements of 'Flying Dolphin Freediving' where you will experience the freedom of movement and learn to fly under water.

This journey also includes sessions of breathing, specific physical training inspired by yoga and shi gong and relaxation. 

We will dive on different spots from north to south to enjoy the many tastes of water of the island.


(He)art creation

Inspired by our deep connection with the sea, the water and the stunning beauty of the island, we perform every day a creative (he)art session. For each workshop  one or several media of creation are choosen according to the skills and tastes of the participants, among Short movie creation, Music and Song Writing, Acting and Comedy, Land Art, Novel writing and drawing. The sessions aimed first at opening our deep uncounscious, by sharing memories and dreams or visions, and then to explore this creative material to create in one form or another. The facilitator of the experience will provide some creative tools and knowledge. This is a collective creative process and each participant is invited as well to share his (her) skills or talents

Freediving is also an initiatic journey and especially on the Big Blue Island. We will also give time and space for group sharing and feedbacks to comprehend and express the emotions, difficulties, gonna go through during this journey.

Oh God, how much blue you spend so that we cannot see you." - Odysseas Elytis


- Day 0

            arrival on the island of Amorgos, installation in your pension and welcome dinner

- Day 1

            morning : theory introduction / breathing / open sea session #1

            evening : (he)art creation and sound journey

- Day 2

            morning  : breathing and static session / open sea session #2 (Agia Anna)

            lunch in Hora

            evening : (he)art creation

- Day 3

            morning : sharing / physical training session /breathwork

            evening : (he)art creation

- Day 4

            on the road to chalotaritissa - flying dolphin freediving in the secret beach

            lunch at Marouso restaurant

            flying dolphin dive at Mouros Beach

- Day 5

            morning : open sea session #3

            evening : (he)art creation

            closing dinner

- Day 8 : Departure


open to everybody able to swim with the desire to put the head underwater and to experience the joy of the depth.

Group of maximum 4 people.

If you are musician, please bring your instrument. Optionnal Jam session during the week.


The basepoint of the camp will be the village of Aegiali in the north of the island. There are plenty of pensions and hotels in the village, that will fit your taste and budget

We can recommend you :

Levrossos Appartement : very nice hotel on the pristine beach of Levrossos (10min walks from the village)

Aegeon Pension : a genuine pension in the middle of the village, my favourite place in the island, ask for the room on the upper terrace.

Aegiali Camping  : a very lively camping in the center of the village


There is no airport on the island of Amorgos. That s another reason why the nature is so pristine. The trip is a bit longer but so poetic.  Two main solutions for you to come :

- the long and old fashioned way : flight AR to Athens airport + Transfer (bus X96 to the port + Blue Sar Ferry from the port of Pireus (8 hours) or SeaJet (4hours)

- the quick way : flight AR to Santorini Airport + Sea jet from Santorini (1hours15)

Moka Delfini.jpg

Michaël Benoit Delfini
instructeur apnée AIDA, arttist performer

I would be accompanying you during this journey, above and below the surface of the sea. I would be happy to share with you my passion and my knowledge of freediving and my deep blue love for Amorgos. I have had the chance to live on the island and to organise several freediving trips in Amorgos.

I would make sure that you a safe and deeply joyful experience with the magic water of this incredible Big Blue Island. 

 creative big blue experience

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