My name is Michaël Delfini. I am at the initiative of the Flying Dolphin Training Center.

I am in love with Amorgos. From the first instant, i step down on the island, i have felt a deep feeling of joy. It was as if i came back Home after a long journey.

Since that moment, this love has grown every time i came on the island.

Creating the flying dolphin center in Amorgos sounds to my heart like an evidence

I warmly invite all the human dolphins back from the Atlantis to join the team


The Flying Dolphin Center will enhance a way of life without waste and especially zero plastic.


We are all genius. But if you ask a goldfish to climb a tree, it will always think it is a looser. A. Einstein

Choississez la fréquence de la réalité que vous vous vivre et vous la vivrez, ce n'est pas de la philosophie c'est de la physique. A. Einstein again

The flying Dolphin Permacultural Training Center is designed to spread a human dolphin permacultural way of life.


This place aims at making people free by giving them their autonomy back .


 Autonomy of thinking, of growing one’s food, of producing one’s energy,  of building one’s house of freediving in the sea, of taking care of Nature, Animals, Plants and Humans, of being happy on Earth.


This place is driven by (po)ethic and ecological principles

This place is made to have positive impact on local life and communities.


We are looking for the help and the understanding of the people of Amorgos.


In practical terms, we are looking to buy or rent 4000m² of land and a 77 m² house to start our activities.


On which we would like to start a big permaculture garden, build cabans (<5) tents (<10) and a covered space to run artistic and teaching activities


The Flying Dolphin Center will run an economic model beyond capitalist principle.

This place will aim at finding an economic balance and sustainability.

This economic model will mix :

•Revenues from Teachings, Trainings, Healings and Accomodation

•Donations from individual and fundations

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